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At ReNew Services Inc., we have built our reputation on the trust and confidence of our clients when they've needed us the most. ReNew started 13 years ago as a full-service emergency response and disaster restoration service here in Indianapolis, IN and throughout central Indiana. We provide comprehensive disaster recovery services designed to lessen the severity of natural disasters, fires, floods and other catastrophic events.

"If the unexpected catastrophe happens to your home or business, my company and its customers have learned to depend on ReNew Services Group. Prompt, professional and reliable services delivered at a reasonable expense. Tony Rubeo and his team are committed to providing the very best in service to our industry."
- Fred Tucker, FC Tucker Company


I started ReNew Services Group more than a decade ago with the idea in mind that homeowners needed someone to turn to in the event of emergency damage - someone that they could trust. What was a small dream turned into a huge reality as the company continued to grow based solely on customer referrals. We now operate one of the largest restoration and roofing companies in the state and have received several accolades based on the feedback from our customers. No matter how big we grow, we remember the family values that this company was founded on and treat all of our customers with the same regard. If you ever have any questions about ReNew or the services that we have provided at your home, never hesitate to call our office and ask to speak with me directly.

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